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EEE113 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering (2023-2024 Fall)

Course Details

  • Venue: Department Building, Class E3

  • Prerequisites: N/A

  • Date&Time: 10:00-11:30 on Tuesdays and 17:00-18:30 on Wednesdays

  • Textbook:

    • Robert L. Boylestad, Introductory Circuit Analysis: Global Edition, 13th Ed., Pearson Education, 2016.

    • Thomas L. Floyd and David M. Buchla, Principles of Electric Circuits: Conventional Current, 10th Ed., Pearson Education, 2020.

  • Objectives: To create awareness about the contents of electrical and electronic engineering and to attract the students to the profession.

Lecture Slides

  1. Introduction to Electrical Engineering (Boylestad, 2016)

  2. Voltage, Current, and Resistance (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  3. Ohm's Law (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  4. Energy and Power (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  5. Series Circuits (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  6. Parallel Circuits (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  7. Series-Parallel Circuits (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  8. Circuit Theorems and Conversions (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  9. Branch, Loop, and Node Analyses (Floyd and Buchla, 2020)

  10. Electricity Market Law

  11. Law on the Utilisation of Renewable Energy Resources for Electricity Generation

  12. Introduction to Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Systems

  13. IEEE Xplore Digital Library & ScienceDirect

    • Machine Learning​IoTArtificial IntelligenceCloud ComputingNOMAImage ProcessingDeep LearningBlockchainVLSICybersecurityWind Turbine MonitoringBig Data, Image Restoration, Visible Light PositioningObject DetectionAR5GUAVFace RecognitionData MiningFederated LearningEmbedded Systems6GWireless Power Transfer, and Cryptography

  14. Introduction to Wind Energy

  15. Overview of Electric Power Systems and Microgrids


  • Week 9: Midterm Examination (2023)

  • Week 16: Final Examination


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