EEE480 - Graduation Project I&II (2021-2022 Fall)

Senior undergraduate students can send their applications to by attaching a curriculum vitae (up-to-date), an academic transcript, and a motivation letter written in English language (1-2 pages attached as PDF) until 28th February 2022.


  • 26th September 2021: The following students, who had submitted their CVs, transcripts, and motivation letters before 27 September 2021, have been admitted for Graduation Project course for 2021-2022 Fall Term:

    • S***** K******    (16*****18)

    • M***** O*** G** (18*****12)

  • 15th November 2021: Submitting Graduation Project Proposal

    • ​A portable document file (PDF) of the graduation project proposal will be uploaded to Academic Plagiarism Detector by creating a student account (Class ID: 32490489 and Enrollment Key: EEE480 ; Please note that during upload, students must choose single-file upload as submit option). Students will see their similarity reports after the deadline. If a similarity report of a proposal shows a percentage which equals to or greater than 30% (after the exclusion of bibliography), that proposal will not be admitted for the evaluation.

    • Deadline for Graduation Project Proposal: 22nd November 2021, 19:00