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EEE7196 - Sustainable Energy (2023-2024 Spring)

Main Course

  • Venue: Room 213, 2nd Floor, M1 Building

  • Date&Time: 09:15-12:00 on Thursdays

  • Objectives: This course aims to inform students about the vitality and fundamentals of sustainable energy, current policies and trends, design considerations and planning of a variety of sustainable energy systems, basic principles of Power-to-X, feasibility assessment, energy storage, and grid integration along with micro and smart grids.

  • Contents: Definition of Energy Use, Introduction to Sustainable Energy, Energy Policies and Electricity Markets, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Thermal Electricity, Wind Energy, Power- to-X and Energy Storage, Bioenergy, Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Plants, Geothermal Energy, Hydraulic Energy, Ocean Energy, Wave Energy, Tidal Energy, Nuclear Energy, Demand Side Management, Grid Integration of Sustainable Energy Systems: Micro and Smart Grids, Applied Power Forecasting, and Final Project.



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