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EEE8182 - Electric Load Forecasting (2024-2025 Spring)

Main Course

  • Venue: Dr Zor's Office (Room 210, West Wing, Prefab Building)

  • Date&Time: N/A

  • Objectives: This course introduces electric load forecasting from both theoretical and practical aspects using the real-world load forecasting problems in the power industry along with improving students' ability to design, develop, document, and report successful load forecasts for a variety of horizons (very-short, short, medium, and long term forecasts).

  • Contents: Introduction to Forecasting, Fundamentals of Electric Load Forecasting, Electricity Price Forecasting, Wind Power Forecasting, Solar Power Forecasting, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Demand Response and Customer Analytics, Utilities Outage Analytics, and Final Project.


  • Midterm: Abstract Preparation for a Journal Article indexed in SCIE or SSCI

  • Final: Manuscript Preparation for a Journal Article indexed in SCIE or SSCI

Conference Papers

  • Yorat, E., Zor, K., Ozbek, N. S. and Saribulut, L. Day-Ahead Electricity  Price Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence-Based Algorithms. 2023  International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies (3ICT2023), Nov 20–21, 2023.(Zallaq, Bahrain) *Under Review


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