EEE110 - Computer Programming (2019-2020 Spring)

Office Hours by Reservation via e-mail

Venue: Dr Zor's Office

Date&Time: 09:00-10:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Main Course

Venue: D104 Class, Entrance Floor, M2 Building

Date&Time: 09:15-12:00 on Fridays

Syllabus: Türkçe - English

Lecture Slide for Week 1: Course Introduction and Scope

Lecture Slide for Week 2: Introduction to Computers and Programming

Lecture Slide for Week 3: Introduction to C++ Programming Language

Lecture Slide for Week 4: Control Structures

Lecture Slide for Week 5: Functions

Lecture Slide for Week 6: Arrays and Vectors

Lecture Slide for Week 7: Pointers and Strings

Lecture Slide for Week 8: Structured Data and Advanced File Operations


Venue: Computer Laboratory 2, Floor 2, M3 Building

Date&Time: 13:15-15:00 on Thursdays

Lab Slide for Week 1: Introduction to C++ Programming Language

Assignment 1

Students are responsible for preparing a paper in order to benchmark C++ with two of the Top 5 programming languages (Python, Java, C, and R) assessed by IEEE Spectrum and recommend the most appropriate one for the next year's course by clarifying their grounds in a scientific manner.

Rule 1. IEEE Conference Paper Template for LaTeX will be used within any LaTeX editor.

Rule 2. Maximum page limit is 4. Tables can be used, but figures are not allowed. A general introduction regarding sections of the paper are discussed in Document 1 and Document 2.

Rule 3. After finishing the paper, a compressed folder containing LaTeX files and named as student number will be sent to In addition, a portable document file (PDF) of the paper will be uploaded to Academic Plagiarism Detector by creating a student account (Class ID: 24133564 and Enrollment Key: Assignment1; Please note that during upload, students must choose single-file upload as submit option). Students can immediately see their similarity reports and overwrite the reports until the deadline given below. If a similarity report of a paper shows a percentage which equals to or greater than 30% (after the exclusion of bibliography), that paper will not be admitted for the evaluation.

Deadline: 23 April 2020, Thursday, 17:00.


Example for Midterm Exam: Download


10 February 2020: Main course and laboratory session will start on 21 February and 5 March 2020 respectively.

21 February 2020: Venue of the main course has been changed to D104. (It was formerly DK04)

17 March 2020: The extended deadline of Assignment 1 is now 23 April 2020, Thursday, 17:00.

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