EEE110 - Computer Programming [Python] (2020-2021 Spring)

Office Hours by Reservation via e-mail

  • Venue: Room 210, West Wing, Prefab Building

  • Date&Time: Will be announced in response to e-mail reservation



Main Course

  • Venue: Distance Learning

  • Date&Time: 14:15-17:00 on Thursdays

  • Objectives: This course aims to teach students the fundamentals of procedural, array-oriented, object-oriented, and GUI programming by using Python programming language.

  • Contents: Introduction to Computers and Programming, Introduction to Python Programming Language, Decision Structures and Boolean Logic, Repetition Structures, Functions, Files and Exceptions, Lists and Tuples, Strings, Dictionaries and Sets, Array-Oriented Programming with NumPy, Classes and Object-Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Recursion, Introduction to Algorithmic Complexity, Searching and Sorting Algorithms, and GUI Programming.


Lecture Slides

  1. Course Introduction and Scope



  • Week 9: Midterm Examination (Example)

  • Week 16: Final Examination (Example)