EEE407 - Renewable Energy (2022-2023 Fall)

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  • Objectives: This course aims to teach students the cruciality and fundamentals of renewable energy, current policies, design considerations and planning of a variety of renewable energy systems, basic principles of Power-to-X, feasibility assessment, energy storage, and grid integration along with microgrids and virtual power plants.

  • Contents: Fundamentals of Energy, Transformations, and Units, Introduction to Renewable Energy, Turkish Renewable Energy Policies and Electricity Markets, Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Power Plants, Concentrated Solar Power Plants, Wind Energy, Power-to-X (P2X), Bioenergy, Renewable Cogeneration (CHP) and Trigeneration (CCHP) Power Plants, Geothermal Energy, Hydraulic Energy, Ocean, Wave, and Tidal Energy, Energy Storage, Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants, Feasibility Calculations.


Lecture Notes

  1. Course Introduction and Scope


  • Week 9: Midterm Examination (2021) (2020)

  • Week 16: Final Examination